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01-19-2009, 04:47 PM
> Greatest Sports Headline Ever
> Written by a fraternity brother of Lewis Grizzard
> On the eve of the UGA/South Carolina game 41 years ago, I was
> hanging out with three of my fraternity brothers (the Hound, Tex , and
> Bake), drinking a few cold PBRs at the old Callaway Gardens Apartment
> on the Atlanta Highway .
> We were discussing the upcoming game against the Gamecocks and
> lamenting the fact that we were going in with several key players out
> with injuries, including our starting defensive end, Billy Payne and his
> roommate, middle linebacker Happy Dicks.
> About 10:00, another fraternity brother, Lewis, came in after he
> got off work. Our buddy was inactive at the time because he had gotten
> married over the summer to his high school sweetheart, Nancy. In addition
> to taking a full load at the university, he was working two jobs to help
> pay for (as he called it) "this expensive habit." A talented young man, he
> was writing two columns daily - one in the morning for the Athens Banner Herald
> and one in the afternoon for the Athens Daily News.
> Lewis walked in, went straight to the refrigerator, got a beer,
> plopped down in a chair, pushed his glasses back up his nose and
> announced, "Gentlemen, with any luck at all, tomorrow morning you'll witness
> journalistic history. I have submitted my column and if it gets by my
> editor and there's a good chance of that happening, since he "took drunk" earlier
> this evening - you'll enjoy the greatest headline in the history of sports
> journalism."
> He refused to tell us what it was, and to be honest with you, we
> all forgot about it. As Lewis went home to his lovely, young bride, the
> four of us went back over to the fraternity house to get a head start on the weekend.
> The next morning, as usual, I went straight for the Sports Section. As I pulled it out, I could do nothing but smile, because our buddy had pulled it off.
To this day, Vince Dooley calls it his most memorable
> column ever - all because of the headline, which read:

> There's no doubt about it, it was "the greatest headline in the
> history of sports journalism"!

This is true. Dr. Happy Dicks practices medicine in Athens and played
> for Georgia in the 60's .


01-19-2009, 05:56 PM
That is not PC correct but I am LMAO. Did he go to Whittenburg too?